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FBI Computer Crime

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2001

FBI Computer Crime ... Read more

FBI and Infrastructure Handling

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2001

FBI and Infrastructure Handling November 8, 2001 — A December report to Congress by the Gilmore Commission (formally known as the Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction) concluded that collecting intelligence, assessing threats and sharing information are crucial steps toward increasing domestic preparedness for combating terrorism. ... Read more

Cultivating Info Security Expertise

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2001

Cultivating Info Security Expertise July 12, 2001 — The inaugural InfraGard meeting featured Jason Riddle, information security administrator for the Knoxville Utilities Board (now with Sword and Shield), who spoke about steps organizations can take to educate key employees on computer network security and how to balance in-house staff security expertise with the use of outsourced network... Read more