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National Safe Skies Alliance

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2009

National Safe Skies Alliance December 10, 2009 - Scott Broyles, President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Safe Skies Alliance describes their work as a federally funded non-profit organization and how they go about making a distinctive impact by evaluating innovative solutions aimed at improving aviation security.  To date Safe Skies has conducted over 200 projects,... Read more

eDiscovery – Nowhere to Hide

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2009

eDiscovery - Nowhere to Hide August 13, 2009 - Electronic Discovery is the process of collecting, preserving, processing, and producing electronic information in litigation. On December 1st, 2006, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were updated to include (expect) electronic information to be produced in litigation when in Federal Court. These rules placed electronic information at the same level of importance... Read more