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Steganography – The Art Of Covert Communication

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2010

Steganography October 14, 2010 - In this presentation, Kibbee Streetman traces the development of covert communications from ancient Greece, through two World Wars, into the Digital Age where technology can be used by spies criminals, terrorists and good fols as well. ... Read more

The FBI’s Top Eight Priorities – Tri-Cities

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2010

The FBI's Top Eight Priorities - Tri-Cities October 6, 2010 - To protect and defend the United States against terrorism and foreign intelligence attacks is the primary goal of the FBI. At the initial meeting of InfraGard in the Tri-Cities area, SAIC Rick Lambert of the Knoxville field office presented an overview of the top eight priorities of the... Read more

America’s Waterway Watch

February 9 | Posted by admin | 2010

America's Waterway Watch. August 14, 2010 - America's Waterway Watch is a program of the United States Coast Guard and its Reserve and Auxiliary components to encourage members of the public to be on the alert for suspicious behavior by boaters. In his presentation Jason Caudill’s goal is to acquaint is with the activities of the Auxiliary... Read more